Jean-Michel Rousseau, architect DPLG (awarded a certificate of architecture by the Government of France) in 1987 started out as an employee at the Jean-François Bodin agency, and then went on to work as a freelance from 1988.


He setup his company in 2001. His agency has been located in rue des filles du calvaire in the 3rd borough of Paris since 2000.



He has been designing and creating developments of various sites for the Fashion House Yves Saint Laurent over a long period of time and more recently, the restaurants and sales areas for Caviar House & Prunier.


He also worked for Duclot group making wine shop “l’Intendant" in Bordeaux (when he was an employee of the agency JF Bodin), in 2010 "La Bordeauxthèque" in Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and in 2014 "La Cave du Lafayette Gourmet".


The fitting outs of the Foundation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent (5 avenue Marceau Paris 16) and of the Maison Zola Musée Dreyfus (Médan 78) site have also been entrusted to him.


He mainly designs private interior renovation projects (mansions, flats, houses, shops, offices) as well as museographic and scenographic projects.


He has designed the scenography of many exhibitions such as Malevitch, Dufy or Dan Flavin in the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, Icônes at the Espace Vuitton in Paris, James Turrell at the Espace Electra, or Antoine Bourdelle in Museum of Fine Arts of Bucarest.